OUR positioning

Who are we ? What do we do ?


CES is a fast-growing company of 10 engineers having a big expertise in the field of civil engineering. Its head office is located in the south of France.


CES originated from the observation that dialogue between industrials and research actors could be made easier and more effective in using the expertise of engineers having worked in both fields.


CES offers solutions to its clients using tools and methodologies from academic or applied research. CES identifies these methodologies, adapt and applies them to deal with complex issues.

Our origin

Born to allow a technology transfer from the jobs from RnD to the ones from industry, Computational Engineering and Structures (CES) is a company which was founded by a group of civil engineers and which not only combines a strong expertise in civil engineering, but also a strong experience of the field.

Our mission

Numerous works aiming at developing tools and methodologies to better understand the mechanical behaviour of complex structures are carried out for different purposes. Yet, because of a lack of transfer from the field of academic research to the field of industrial research, it can be noticed that the industrial sector barely takes advantage of these innovative developments. Indeed, the output of research provides innovative results only if a satisfying expertise is made to use them. In the industrial field current practices must be part of a regulatory framework, which often slow down their development. However, existing regulatory frameworks do not forbid resorting to innovative methodologies. That is why it is necessary to increase engineers’ confidence in these new tools. The answer to this issue is a technical and scientific expertise.

A mission of CES is to make the technology transfer of tools and methodologies from the field of research to the field of industry easier.