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CHEOGL : a solution for smart storage

An immediate response to a specific need

The development of experimental technologies allowing the acquisition of information at very high sample rates permitted the monitoring of physical phenomena occuring over very short periods of time.
Thus, understanding complex mechanisms depending on time was made possible.
Yet, this type of acquisition has entailed a significant increase in the data acquired.
That is why, keeping these data in a permanent format over time is made very clear.
Moreover, faced with large volumes of data, it is necessary to resort to simple databases allowing introspection in order to go through the data more easily.

An innovative technology

Because we thought it was important to respond to this specific need, we have tried to come up with solutions in committing in the developement of an innovative tool named CHEOGL.
CHEOGL is more than a classic data base, it is a package offering the following options :

  • Permanent storage of data acquired in real time
  • Signal processing tool
  • Collaborative work with the possibility of sharing data
  • An evolving tool

    CHEOGL is not a static tool, it constantly takes its users’ feebbacks into account in order to improve its performances and respond to new needs when necessary.
    CHEOGL was also designed in such a way as to allow our clients to customize it in respect with their specific needs:

    • Type of data
    • Integration of tools for specific use

    OneShot Development : identifying needs to come up with solutions

    A specific solution

    Because each of our clients has specific needs, we use our expertise in software development to respond to their demands with “OneShot-Development” offering.

    A resolution process

    This offer is generally based on the following steps :

    • Clients express their needs and problems
    • We come up with propositions
    • We define the best suitable response with our clients
    • We use our expertise to complete software developments
    • In a cross-process, we make sure that the tool developed is operational, together with our clients
    • We deploy the tool in our clients’ home

    Maintenance over time

    Faithful to our quality values, we ensure the maintenance of our products in the framework of “OneShot Development” over a period of time defined with our clients.