In order to improve the efficiency of best-estimate seismic assessment methods, CES took part in the 2013 SMART project jointly launched by EDF, CEA and AIEA.

The 2013 SMART project allowed to launch a big seismic testing campaign, carried out by CEA and financed by EDF, with the analysis of a nuclear asymmetric structure.

To advance research, the collected experimental data were subjected to an international Benchmark open to the whole scientific community.

Within the framework of this project, CES used its experience and expertise to provide the analysis of linear and non-linear transient dynamics.


Structural dynamics

Linear dynamic computations made on modal basis and nonlinear transient analyses

Nonlinear mechanics

Nonlinear modeling of reinforced concrete

Finite elements

Three-dimensional spacial discretization of the specimen (including both concrete and reinforcing steel)

Seismic analysis

Analysis of the structural response under high intensity seismic loading including damage assessment of the specimen (high eigenfrequency shift and inter-story drift)

Probabilistic analyses

Determination of fragility curves considering various failure criteria and seismic indicators

Tools developed

Cast3M is an OpenSource code developed by CEA. Due to its flexibility, CES could integrate its developments into Cast3M in order to make resquested analyses


Opensource sofware dedicated to the post-processing operations related to computations made with Cast3M


Cluster 32 chores – 64 Gb – CES

CES has developed its own computational tools in order to perform requested analyses


External meshing software compatible with Cast3M


CES’s objectives and contributions

CES has contributed to the 2013 SMART International Benchmark in actively responding to proposed works. A numerical model of the SMART specimen was developed and allowed performing non-linear dynamic analyses. This project was an opportunity for CES to demonstrate its management of dynamic computations in comparing its results to the ones gained by the teams from all over the world.

Partner(s)/ Client(s)

1.5 year


100% financed by CES

Type of project